Τhe first International Exhibition and Conference Electromobility is about to begin! The greatest event for electromobility will take place at the Helexpo exhibition center in Maroussi from 22 to 24 May 2020 and is expected to become the benchmark for electromobility within the following years. Electromobility is a new institution in the automotive industry that is going to give prominence, after the passage of the latest Government bill, to the significant benefits to Development and the Environment from expanding the electromobility, using hybrid cars and autonomous driving.

Through a multidimensional exhibition environment with the participation of the largest Companies of the industry, new models of electric – hybrid vehicles, electric motorcycles – scooters, bikes, skates, chargers and batteries will be presented. Furthermore, through special rapporteurs from Greece and abroad at the International Conference, new issues will be highlighted concerning the new market, which consists the new era of driving. In addition, the trends that change our lifestyle and our transportation will be uniquely presented.


Electromobility | Eco City

The city of future, open and accessible to the public. Companies and sponsors who
are involved will present their services in a practical way. Participation of
Municipalities and Regions with booths. Eco City will provide answers to contemporary questions about road safety while also being a fun activity for young and old. Η Eco City θα δώσει απάντηση σε σύγχρονα ερωτήματα οδικής και όχι μόνο ασφάλειας ενώ ταυτόχρονα θα αποτελεί μία ψυχαγωγική δραστηριότητα για μικρούς και μεγάλους.

Electromobility | Charge ‘n’ Go

There are companies about electric energy, charging stations for electric cars as well as all the related power supplies for electromobility. Case studies will also be conducted of entities that have put electromobility at the core of their city or business.

Electromobility | Drive Electric

Exhibition area for electric and hybrid cars, autonomous vehicles, electric bicycles and scooters. In this section visitors will have the opportunity to be fully informed about the electric and autonomous driving as well as the possibilities they provide.


FRIDAY 22 MAY 2020

“0³ = Better Life“

Electric vehicles have zero emissions, zero noise and zero traffic charges. Let’s think how our life in Athens would look life, if there were on the streets only such vehicles.

Panel 1

Infrastructure, networks, power stations, charging specifications.

  • Financing electricity in Greece, absorbing EU funds to promote electric driving.
  • Incentives for the circulation of very low emissions vehicles, disincentives for the
    circulation of old polluting vehicles.
  • Use of electric vehicles from municipal organizations and public transport
  • Creation of public charging points, development of energy stations, specifications / costs
    for installing home chargers
  • Adequacy of electricity, RES production
  • Insurance of electric vehicles and chargers
  • Battery recycling, use in photovoltaics or wind turbines.

Panel 2

Using electric cars

  • Advantages and disadvantages of electric vehicles
  • Experiences from the daily use of electric vehicles
  • Plug in hybrid or full electric?
  • Is the use of the electric vehicle cost effective at the end? Purchase cost and use cost
  • Batteries, battery life, recycling, reuse solutions, battery cost per kwh

Panel 3

Hybrid, but how much?

  • Mild hybrid disadvantages and advantages
  • Hybrid disadvantages and advantages
  • Plug in hybrid pros and cons
  • Need for separation


To turn people’s attention to electromobility

To open up the dialogue in society

To educate the purchasers about the next day and the changes that they are required to make in their daily life and at home

To raise public awareness of the climate change

To keep them up to date with the developments, the new products and the services regarding to electromobility

To create buzz that will lead to sale and augmentation of electric vehicles on the roads of every Greek city, a situation with an international appeal.


For three days at HELEXPO MAROUSSI, visitors will have the opportunity to enter the era of electromobility, to be informed, to educate themselves about electric driving and consequently to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

A unique exhibition & conference experience for visitors!


22 – 24 May 2020


Friday 22/05: 12.00 – 21.00

Saturday 23/05: 10.00 – 21.00

Sunday 24/05: 10.00 – 21.00



Line:    Kiato – Airport


Continue on foot for 20′ from Artemidos Street.

Only useful if the Organiser provides a Shuttle Bus connection

Continue on foot for 10′ along Kifissias Avenue.



Line:    Piraeus – Kifissia

Continue on foot for 20′ from Artemidos Street.

Continue taking the 010 Amaroussion Municipal Transit bus.

Stop:    IRINI
Continue on foot for 20′ from Artemidos Street.

OASA(Athens Urban Transportation Organisation)


550 : Palaio Faliro-Kifissia
Α7 : Stournari – Kifissia
Ε14 : Syntagma – OAKA – Ministry of Health (EXPRESS LINE)
X14 : Syntagma – Kifissia

Amaroussion Municipal Transportation


Line:    010    

EXHIBITION CENTER (going down Kifissias)
OLYMPIAKO STADIO (going up Kifissias – underpass)


HELEXPO MAROUSSI is located on Kifissia Avenue, near Exit 11 of the Attikis Odos motorway.


The most accessible Exhibition Center access in Attica. Located at the commercial heart of Athens in Maroussi. Ideal for trade fairs and consumer exhibitions, small and large conferences, corporate events. Designed to allow comfortable and functional use of the building as a whole or parts of it. A uniquely designed building with contemporary aesthetics, HELEXPO MAROUSSI provides its visitors with flexibility and comfort. It is the first Exhibition Center in Attica designed for exhibition and conference use and its opening laid new foundations in the market for services, organization, facilities, etc. It can host exhibitions, conferences, corporate events, television shoots, etc. and can host more than one event at a time. It first opened its gates in March 2000. It functioned as the Main Press Centre of the 2004 Olympics and it has hosted a number of Exhibitions, Conferences and other events since 2005.

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Communication Sponsors

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